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What We offer

Our Mission

Thiara Supermarket garners it’s top-tier status with two simple things – reliability and quality. You can always count on our groceries being fresh and available, and you can rely on our staff to help you along the way for any questions or concerns you may have.

Our quality products are just a fraction of what makes us stand out as a South Asian grocery store, we look to make every aspect of your trip here in experience. Thiara Supermarket embraces the culture through the taste of our several products. Whether that’d be melt in your mouth sweet, or farm grown produce; we pride ourselves for offering the full-fledged experience of an Indian and Pakistani grocery store.

Ensuring the Best Atmosphere for Everyone

We see the most important part of our business in ensuring the happiness of our staff and the satisfaction of our clients by creating a welcoming and caring atmosphere.
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Serving only the freshest baked goods for you

We aim to deliver the best baked goods for corporate events and individual celebrations, while also offering the best level of customer service in the United States.
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